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Union Health Service Inc.
1634 West Polk Street
Chicago, IL 60612
312-423-4200 Ext. 3231
Union Health Service Inc.
1634 West Polk Street
Chicago, IL 60612
312-423-4200 ext. 3262
Union Health Service Inc.
1634 West Polk Street
Chicago, IL 60612

We are described as many things, such as — a Voluntary Health Services Plans Corporation; a multi-specialty medical group; a not-for-profit health plan; or a staff-model managed care plan. Maybe it is simply best to call us "Union Health Service" or “UHS” — a tradition of providing high quality and cost-effective benefits to groups covering Chicago-area union members.

Good Ideas Catch On

Good ideas often pass the test of time. Many aspects of the way in which Union Health Service provides healthcare were innovative when we were organized in the 1950s. The innovation even required the passage of a new Illinois law (the Voluntary Health Services Plans Act) so that we could directly provide insured health care services through our own staff of physicians. Key provisions of the Act address: free choice of any staff physician; the private physician-patient relationship; confidentiality; no restrictions on the physician’s methods of diagnosis or treatment; and the inclusion of physicians in the company’s top management.

We took advantage of the new law to encourage members to select a primary care physician (PCP)


who, in turn, is involved in all aspects of the member’s care — coordination with specialty physicians; health education, and providing preventive services as well as follow-up care. Other “ahead-of-their-time" programs installed at UHS included: podiatry; colon cancer screening; electronic medical records; nutrition counseling.

And eventually good ideas catch on. The news is full of stories these days about encouraging health care trends, such as, the prominence of primary care physician, preventive care, health education, and electronic medical records. We agree; and have done so for a very long time.

Spoiler Alert – Keep Food Safe this Summer
Summer is the time to kick back, relax and savor the food of the season, whether grilling in the backyard or toting a cooler on the road. Hotter summer temperatures also speed up bacteria growth on food, which can make you sick. Being away from thermometers, refrigerators and kitchen sinks can increase risks, too. Click "read more" below.

July is National Minority Mental Health Awareness Month
The National Alliance on Mental Illness encourages organizations and individuals to help raise awareness of mental illness, treatment and research in diverse communities. For more information, go to National Alliance on Mental Illness.

Interested applicants - please apply at our Job Board.
Union Health Service, Inc. is looking for full-time claims adjuster and medical assistant. To see the job descriptions and apply for the vacancy, please check out our job board below and click "Apply for Position" and upload your resume. 

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TitleDescriptionTypeEffective As Of
Claims Adjuster Reporting to the Director of Claims/Insurance/T...Full Time07/14/2016
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