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Union Health Service Inc.
1634 West Polk Street
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Union Health Service Inc.
1634 West Polk Street
Chicago, IL 60612
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Union Health Service Inc.
1634 West Polk Street
Chicago, IL 60612

We are described as many things, such as — a Voluntary Health Services Plans Corporation; a multi-specialty medical group; a not-for-profit health plan; or a staff-model managed care plan. Maybe it is simply best to call us "Union Health Service" or “UHS” — a tradition of providing high quality and cost-effective benefits to groups covering Chicago-area union members.

Good Ideas Catch On

Good ideas often pass the test of time. Many aspects of the way in which Union Health Service provides healthcare were innovative when we were organized in the 1950s. The innovation even required the passage of a new Illinois law (the Voluntary Health Services Plans Act) so that we could directly provide insured health care services through our own staff of physicians. Key provisions of the Act address: free choice of any staff physician; the private physician-patient relationship; confidentiality; no restrictions on the physician’s methods of diagnosis or treatment; and the inclusion of physicians in the company’s top management.

We took advantage of the new law to encourage members to select a primary care physician (PCP)


who, in turn, is involved in all aspects of the member’s care — coordination with specialty physicians; health education, and providing preventive services as well as follow-up care. Other “ahead-of-their-time" programs installed at UHS included: podiatry; colon cancer screening; electronic medical records; nutrition counseling.

And eventually good ideas catch on. The news is full of stories these days about encouraging health care trends, such as, the prominence of primary care physician, preventive care, health education, and electronic medical records. We agree; and have done so for a very long time.

Five foods to lower your risk of breast cancer

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month, nutrition experts agree that there are five foods that could help boost your body's immune system and fortify against the deadly disease such as breast cancer. Please note, this information is in regard to prevention; eating during cancer and chemotherapy can be very different.

1. Green tea - The tea contains an abundance of catechins that prevents illness, specifically one called EGCG that may help stop tumor cells from taking hold.

2. Soy - Women might be afraid to add soy to their diet because of its ability to mimic estrogen, which is known to encourage the growth of cancer. Soy actually prevents against cancer, acting as a plant chemical. It may not be best for women who already have breast cancer, but in women without it, it promotes normal cell growth and replication-which is important because cancer happens when cells become abnormal. Soy food supplement are different. Protection is found in food, not necessarily in pill form.

3. Flaxseeds - To get fiber and omega-3s, and also to balance out your fatty acids, Flaxseeds protect your immune system. Experts say the dietary plant fiber in flaxseeds has been shown to reduce estrogen levels.

4. Fruits and vegetables (any and all) - All fruits and vegetables contain their own sets of cancer-fighting compounds. Combining them boosts their powers. Choose a variety of colors as each pigment has a set of different protection quality.

5. Probiotics - Reach for kefir, miso paste (make a tea with it), sauerkraut, kimchi and kombucha tea, which contain better blends. Probiotics keep your digestive health in check, which has been shown to help with weight management — and being overweight is a risk factor for breast cancer. They also boost your immune system, which helps you fight off disease.

Our wellness programs are easy to use and always available. Best of all, they’re part of your benefits. For more information about your specific nutrition care needs, our Registered Dietitians provide Nutrition Therapy in both group and individual settings; ask your doctor for a referral.

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New Pharmacy Hours
Effective June 30, 2014, Pharmacy hours have been extended on weekdays and Saturdays to cater to the varying needs of UHS plan members. New Pharmacy hours are:
Monday, Wednesday, Friday 7:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Tuesday and Thursday 7:00 AM – 7:00 PM
Saturday 9:00 AM – 2:00 PM
Closed Sundays and Major Holidays

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